Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Newmac Dior Queen of Czech Republic

Newmac Dior is awarded Golden Greyhound - Grandmaster 2012

Dior was brought to the Awards in a limousine, BMW 750 AXL and she had the priviledge to step on the red carpet a lá Hollywood.

There were any czech celebrities, artists, singers, actresses, top models, etc. - Dior recieved the awards from:
- Katerina Sokolova - Miss CR 2007  
- Andrea Kalivodova - opera singer
- Lenka Vacvalova - slovak actress and model 

Dior also received a cheque worth of 100,000 CzK, cca. 3,900 EUR.

Dior donated the whole prize to a charity foundation "Vesely Senior" (i.e. Happy Senior). The foundation takes care of helpless czech seniors.

At present Dior is the most famous dog in the Czech republic - more than 35 journalists, photographers and TV reporters participated in the event, including some czech nationwide TVs - pls. see the link below (note the link will be updated every day as the amount of reportages and articles will increase for a period of one month):

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